Cartier Calibre Astrotourbillon Watch

In the past few years my interest and respect for Cheap Cartier Replica Watches has really grown up. Of course, many of their watches are mass produced, but they have a hobby and long-lasting design. There is no doubt that I don’t like all of their watches, but at least some people are not very good at fleeing their production. Good design, I am learning more and more – not easy. Designing excellent and cool 5 minutes is not that hard. Every time you run a design it looks good, and for years it’s not that easy. In this department, Cartier has been successful for a long time. I found myself not knowing what their secrets were.

Interestingly, watches and “good” designs won’t affect you. You can look at them at first a bit ambiguous. Then, they focus on designing growth in your quality after a while. I have never seen a Cartier watch, like, “Winner!” I spent some time to appreciate them. Sure enough, though, I have really respected almost every watch Cartier Replica Watches from a design perspective.

There are now new super high-end manufacturing watches from Cartier. Advanced horology is now a valuable design for Cartier Replica. Although these super high-end works are not all administrators, there are enough good people. My favorite from last year was the Cartier Rotonde Astrotourbillon watch. The escapement mechanism is the hand of the second. The dial has a special “ditch” that gives space to astrotourbillon complications.

In 2011 Fake Cartier Watches will use the same Astrotourbillon sport and put it in a caliber. Cartier Calibre released their latest men’s watch collection last year. This year, I suspect that the caliber collection will see new models (such as chronographs) and this astrotourbillon version is one of them. This is the same Cartier MC 9451 manual winding motion Rotonde version.

The case will be 47 mm wide in titanium, waterproof 100 m, and sapphire crystal. Pay attention to the crown of the large sapphire cabochon. The design of the dial has been completed in a very complicated way to maintain the appearance of the basic Calibre dial as well as the complications of incorporating astrotourbillon. An amazing, for me, is more desirable than the original Rotonde Astrotourbillon. The Calibre Astrotourbillon will be limited to 100 pieces and will be very expensive.

Cartier Art Crafts & High 2012 Jewelry Watch

Exclusive observations show SIHH, and Cheap Cartier Replica Watches has one of the largest booths. A lot of space with the museum is a dim style showcase provided by the project you may not see elsewhere. Since this program is not open to the public, most people will never see these works. In the case of a series of art and fine jewellery pieces, the French brand was born. Some of them are dark gold, some areas of the limited edition, some may not even be sold. The nature of any project, I usually at least certainly find something beautiful.

Not all of these items are watches, but most are. High-end jewellery (or advanced joaillerie, as people often say) likes to have a “mystery display” watch, the dial just shows the opening or sliding. And of course referring to a project I have not covered in this article, but will be in a separate block. It’s too interesting part of the package, and it’s how Cartier Replica Watches is a panda.

Large cats always love the theme of the panther-esque brand. You can see hunting cats in a lot of watches every year. This year several emerald eyes, and one is a special watch, automatic rotor panther. Again, this is another theme. Cartier’s fine jewelry watches are usually the most beautiful pieces of the work (though not all) of the animals. The quality of the museum design allows us to enhance the flash with their smart and attractive settings. For most people, being able to own these watches or other items does not exist, but watching them still feel satisfied. It also helps Cartier Replica jewelry watches sell their standards to a large extent.

In addition to choosing high-jewelry watches every year, Cartier has a variety of craftsman talent to offer a limited edition collection of their “art crafts” watches. Very interesting photo, I didn’t catch the koala with straw inlay. Yes, the image from a small color is made up of hands and splitting plants. This model, by the way, is a Rotonde de Cartier 35mm watch, white gold, koala pattern, straw inlay. Yes, this is the model and its name is limited to 20 blocks.

My personal favorite art collection of 2012 is at the top of this article. It uses a Santos Dumont XL case and displays a horse. This process is actually a micromosaic. From the counter to the coffee table, stone or brick, the mosaic is a popular and famous craft. Here, mix art work with gold carved mosaics. Some horses are carved in gold, while most dial hand-created inlaid gems. According to Fake Cartier Watches, each limited edition collection requires more than 120 hours of work to complete. Each stone must be individually selected, cut, and formed into an image. This watch is called Dia Sandos Dumont XL, Ma Momo, Gem Inlay, will be in a group of 40 pieces in 18k white gold, and 10 pieces of diamonds.

Another interesting art sheet last shows the Rotonde de Dia 42mm watch, white gold, tiger prints, and pure gray painted enamel. By the way, each of the 2012 Cartier Art Collection watches Best Cartier Replica Watches contains an internal caliber 430 MC or 9601 MC manual wound mechanical movement. Enamel pure grey painting is basically a form of work in black and gray enamel – used to create a tiger’s face. The result is a refreshing animal in black and white tones, almost with a lifelike face in addition to looking at the nose of the predatory cat that stretches out. I tried to convince myself that they looked like extra beards but hey, they only told the time. Suitable for big game hunters in hunting lodges, this watch will be limited to 100 pieces, and it is reported that it takes about 40 hours of glazing to work in every job.

It is always nice to see these types of beauty and work hard to create from Cartier art. From time to time Cartier offers exhibitions to showcase something, and I suggest you check out the works that might look better. You may never see it again. Of course, go to your local Cartier boutique if you want to discuss the numbers you need to be owned.