CARRTIER Panthera Cartier Watches

Since Cartier revived its boutique watchmaking department eight years ago, it launched a new and complicated watch every year that surprised us. This year, Cartier had a different surprise: the resurrection of Cheap Cartier Replica Watches Panthere de Cartier, which had been stopped early. In addition to the new one-minute transponder’s mysterious double tourbillon (this is the first new concept that combines these complex factors), Cartier Panthere De Cartier is the main product of this year’s SIHH, which shows that women’s watches in the market force and sales It is not the second rung.

If you look back at the status of the watch industry in the past year, you will find that reintroducing Panthere De Cartier Replica Watches is not surprising. Just like tanks, Santos, and other iconic book collections, Cartier’s Panthere also has a basic core series: In an unstable market, this is a sure thing. With multiple references and price points, this is exactly what the market needs now.

Cartier Panthere was originally introduced in 1983 and the reintroduced design is exactly the same as the original design: a square box with screws on the border, Roman numerals, a rail track index, and a small Best Cartier Replica Watches logo in the X position. There are embossed on it and can be distinguished from counterfeit goods. Only the bracelet structure is new – it’s softer. All movements are quartz, which keeps the watch elegantly thin and in line with the original design, which was born at the height of the quartz age.

The new Panthere de Cartier series is available in three sizes: pave version, lacquerware and gold version, yellow gold version (star version of the original series) and dual-tone version, and prices range from $4,000 to $140,000.

Santos is also an iconic square Cartier watch with Roman numerals and visible screws. At least one person is confused about its similarity with Fake Cartier Watches Panthere, so it is worth showing Santos’s comparison here. These differences are not obvious. Cartier Panthere’s frame and screws are much smaller than Santos’s, the lugs are more tapered, and so is the crown. In Santos, there is no border on the railroad track index. (Although there is a border on the index of the original Santos watch created in 1904).

Santos was designed for the pilot Alberto Santos-dumont. He was a friend of Louis Cartier so that he would not need to take his hand off the controller to pick up the pocket watch. Time your own flying legs. It was very popular in Paris society and Cartier commercialized it a few years later. The square shape of Santos Dumont was revolutionary at the time, so Cartier began his adventure into the world of shape watches.

Although Cartier Panthere volume collection was established in 1983, Cartier has been adorned with gemstone Panther-themed watches since 1904. It created Santos watch – the only man wearing a watch at the time Boer War soldiers in South Africa, because the climate of Africa is too Hot waist coat, a man’s pocket watch is properly kept. Cartier continues its tradition of jewelry leopard watches every year. This year, new jewelry creations include, most notably, the royal family and Joueuse. The Cartier Royal Jaguar Brooch was inspired by a famous Jaguar and Sapphire brooch made by Cartier in 1949 for the Duchess of Windsor. It is designed with concentric circles and diamonds surrounding the leopard also with diamonds and lacquer.

Cartier will launch the pande Cartier series in June 2017, of which 16 products are designed to attract almost all possible market segments. For the sake of simplicity, we will first introduce the small 22mm model, and then introduce the 27mm version.

The price of the 22mm Cartier Panthere de Cartier watch is as follows. The WSPN0006 steel model is $4,000; the 18k yellow gold steel duplex ref. W2PN0006 is $7350; the 18k rose gold ref. WGPN0006 is $19,900; the 18k gold ref. The WGPN0008 is $19,900; the 18k rose gold diamond is numbered WJPN0008 $23700;18k The white diamond number WJPN0008 is $25,400; the interesting 18k rose gold and black paint ref. WGPN0010 is $24,900; the HPI01129 full white gold and diamond number is $81,000.

Cartier watch 27mm price: All steel models ref. WSPN0007 is 4600 dollars; 18k yellow gold and steel – two tone number W2PN0007 is $8,100; 18k rose gold ref. WGPN0007 is $23,000; 18k gold ref. WGPN0009 is $23,000; 18k rose gold and diamond Ref. WJPN0009 is $27,400; 18k white gold set with diamonds number WJPN0007 $29,400; 18k rose gold with black paint ref. WGPN0011 is $28,900; 18k white gold and diamond number HPI01130 is $112,000; all 18k white gold and diamonds with black paint HPI01096 is $141,000.