Cartier Multiple Time Zones Replica Watches

Cartier is an important name for the luxury watch world, this year at SIHH announced a series of novelty in 2013. One of them is interesting and notable Tortue XXL multi-time zone watch. The Tortue XXL world timer provides pink or white gold, which may first look like a fairly traditional GMT complexity until you watch the watch from its side. Cheap Cartier Replica along the left side, with a small window that allows the user to view the optional range of the city and define the local time zone it needs.

The two-position putter is used to cycle the available time zone, and the watch can even provide a distinction between summer and winter by showing a hierarchical layout of the northern and northern seasonal settings to provide the difference between the southern hemisphere. Ariel personally sees Tortue XXL and confirms that the city selection function can be managed without removing the watch from the wrist. The family time is displayed on the lower sub-dial, Cartier Replica has given up the usual 24-hour dial, choose to use daylight hand and night hand. This is a more elegant way to display the same information in less space and allow additional space for the world example to be included in the dial design.

The movement is Cartier movement 9914 MC, with 283 parts, 27 gems and 48 hours of power reserve. This innovative internal action allows Tortue XXL to provide a simpler dial-up layout for both time zone watches while still packaging optional multi-zone complications. 9914 MC is an automatic trauma action, you can Tortue XXL display to view. Cartier Replica Watches is not easy to use “XXL”, because Tortue XXL size up to 51 mm, 45.6 mm wide, 17.2 mm thick, for such a temperament of the watch, it is very large. You can see from the included wrist lens, Tortue XXL wearing a large, wrist pretty gorgeous.

This is Cartier’s surprisingly compact design that should make it a strong competitor. This movement is basically the same as the movement used in the Cartier movement multi-time zone watch, but it has grown up and has reduced the clumsy complications of measuring your time difference. The final dial design is clear, gorgeous, and still clearly AAA Cartier Replica Watches UK. The dial shows a less beautiful world design to show the true ability of the watch while still allowing the Roman numerals and plenty of time zones to show plenty of space. Cartier made a wise decision to keep the main dial design as simple as possible, the time zone selector window on the side of the chassis, and more dials can be used for the information you most often need. For high-end and quite complex Cartier, this design is very good.

For us between the jet landing players, this may be a huge change, but like this price tag is SIHH concern. Tortue XXL is another notable model of the brand, although often in its own way, in the luxury watch game carved out of the enviable and recognizable location. Do you think Cheap Cartier Replica a reached a point where they are in the field of more than $ 30,000 a serious choice?