Cartier Oops And The New Les Must Collection?

The new Les Must collection from Cartier Replica Watches is a review of the old Les Must collection. “I think it started in the early 80s.” Not that the collection looks the same, but the name has been reused. That would be fine. I believe this series is more “affordable” than most new Cartier products, as a way to help hedge large consumers from ignoring luxury purchases – the recession really slammed the industry.

To make people excited about new products (or at least know that at the time), watch manufacturers need to advertise. This is very clear. How their ads vary greatly. I think most of it is junk. Never really make people excited about the product. At least no one likes me. I prefer to see items in the “natural environment.” Otherwise the watch manufacturer will actually do something very interesting, or just a weird thing. This is interesting because they are usually very conservative. At least Cartier is. Good Cartier Replica would hate me for saying this, but I think they did a lot of stupid things for the new Panther ads made by the Les Must series. I mean the top ad.

To make matters worse, some leopard cubs lose their spots when they grow up. So for people familiar with the matter, the watch is actually saying, “I am imitating the little leopard fur.” ​​Although only some people will walk away with this message, if I review the Cartier advertising copy, I will point this out. . What is the news? Either use a kitten or fur watch in the ad, or not both. In addition, I like the Best Cartier Replica Watches advertising website. Big cats with jazz music and beautiful graphics walk in interesting fancy jewels. You can check it out on Cartier’s Les Must series mini website.

Cartier Astroregulateur Watch Flying In Space

2011 may be the “Astro” year of Cartier Replica. Last year’s Cartier Rotonde Astrotourbillon was so popular that there will be at least two new “Astro” watches in 2011. One will be the Calibre Astrotourbillon (with Rotonde’s existing movement), and this one is completely different. The “Astroregulateur” (Astroregulator) has an escapement that is attached to the automatic rotor – mounted on the front of the dial.

The Astroregulator has an escapement and an auxiliary seconds dial that rotates freely with the rotor. The second hand still wraps around the dial every minute, but the dial itself rotates. According to Cartier Replica Watches, this system should theoretically work like a tourbillon (it itself works more or less theoretically. The escapement is adjusted in a vertical position. Using the system, gravity keeps it sharp “up”, The watch is in a vertical position. It doesn’t matter when the watch is aligned horizontally.

Zenith’s Christophe Colomb watch works the same way – but the watch can be used in any direction. Cheap Cartier Replica Watches may be more wear-resistant, although the two watches are not completely competitive (as far as I know). The movement inside the watch is the Cartier manufacturer MC 9800. Great, it is an automatic (duh, with a rotor in front) and the time dial is off center to the top half of the dial. The power reserve of the movement is 80 hours. The back of the Astroregulator is very beautiful with a double Cartier “C” pattern.