Cartier ROTONDE DE CARTIER Earth and Moon Watches Open

In the past few years, under the guidance of Carole Forestier-Kasapi, the director of sports creation at Cartier, Cheap Cartier Replica Watches has become a major player in the watch industry of Haut. Some of the most recent works include the Cartier Astronomical Calendar Watch, the Cartier Rotonde Cartier de Cartier Grande complex, and the Cartier Rotonde Cartier Earth and Moon Tourbillon watches you see here. The Cartier Rotonde Cartier Earth and Moon Tourbillon watches were actually introduced for the first time in 2014. This is a pink gold version.

Cartier Rotonde Cartier Earth and Moon Tourbillon’s pink gold watch is identical to the watch released in 2014 except for the case material and dial. The first Fake Cartier Watches Rotonde Cartier Earth and Moon Tourbillon watch is housed in a platinum box with a striking celestial dial. It is also limited to 50 or less, so not everyone who wants one can have one.

This version is a pink gold box. The dimensions of the housing remain the same, with a width of 47 mm and a thickness of 16.55 mm. The design of this phone case is very professional, and its ears are slightly curved, which means it can even fit a slim wrist. The brown crocodile leather strap is well-made, which is also very helpful, and may not need to be clarified with a $250,000 watch. Case finishing is also first class, with a perfect polished surface and clear lines throughout. Another noteworthy feature of this case is the bead crown, which is also presented in 18K pink gold with a blue sapphire cabochon.

However, the most important thing for me is the dial. Cartier’s Rotonde de Cartier Earth and Moon Tourbillon’s white gold dial has a lapis lazuli dial, and this pink gold new dial has an “open” dial with two gorgeous comet disks on the dial. The use of vermiculite is appropriate because it is reminiscent of the moon’s surface because it is after all a complex watch with a moon phase. In addition, this meteorite dial has this ethereal quality, like other watches, reminiscent of space exploration.

The first comet disk in the upper part of the dial forms a sub-dial that represents time. Time is simple by reading two blue steel pointers, pointing to huge skeletonized Roman numerals, which are formed using 18k white gold on the outside of the dial. Look closely and you will find a 24-hour ring around the small dial. This is used to report time in another time zone. You can use the fader at 2 o’clock to adjust independently. This makes Cartier’s Rotonde de Best Cartier Replica Watches Earth and Moon Tourbillon watch practical for travelers who often travel.

However, the resistance plates of Cartier Replica Watches Rotonde de Cartier Earth and Moon Tourbillon watch are their on-demand lunar phase indicators. Activation of the thruster at 4 o’clock will cause the second comet disk to enter its position to indicate the current lunar phase. The phase of the moon is interpreted by telling Tublon how much it masks. The full moon means tourbillon is still fully exposed, while the new moon means that the meteorite disk will completely cover the tourbillon. It is worth mentioning that the lunar phase indicator is accurate to one day every 126 years. In short, this is a very creative description of one of the oldest clock complications.

The 9440 MC, which powers the watch, has been outstandingly accomplished. On the side of the dial, there is a professional application that flips the watch over the case of the sapphire to expose a series of intricate bridges that are carefully cut like stars. The wheel has a circular texture and the jewelry sink is polished. The 9440 caliber MC is hand-wound and consists of 362 parts, including 40 gems. It beats at 3Hz and has an energy reserve of 72 hours.

Cartier Rotonde Cartier Earth and Moon Tourbillon watch are a good showcase of Cartier’s ability to make watches. It is a creative presentation of the complexity of the lunar phase. This is one of Cartier’s most impressive and whimsical watches. The Cartier Rotonde Cartier Earth and Moon Tourbillon watches sell for only $231,000 and are limited to 15 items.