Clé de Cartier Mysterious Hour Meter

Cartier Cle (“Cle de Cartier”) mysterious watch concept may be my favorite new Cartier men’s watch, which appeared in the 2015 Hong Kong watch and miracle. It is actually a combination of three existing Cheap Cartier Replica Watches elements. First of all, it is also the 2015 Cartier watch collection. Next is the Cartier Caliber 9981 MC, which debuted in 2013. Finally, it is Cartier’s unique semi-framework dial display, which we have seen in Cartier’s high-end watch “Advanced Watchmaking”.

In 2013, I personally experienced the Rotonde Cartier mystery watch, inspired by the historic Cartier clock, which uses a transparent disc to move your hands. These clocks are called “mysterious clocks” because people don’t know how these hands are connected because people think they are floating. This technique has been used in timers before, but Fake Cartier Watches introduced the “mysterious” hand on the transparent disc in the Cartier 9981 MC movement. This movement reappeared in 2015 at Cartier Klo’s mysterious moment watch. Let me first say that time is also mysterious…

The 461 mm thick 9981 MC movement consists of 158 parts with a modern 4 Hz and a power reserve of 48 hours. Considering that the sport itself is actually a crescent, this is quite good. Most of the space in the room is open, and the hand dedicated to the sapphire crystal is placed in hours and minutes. The inner part of the watch is transparent and the other side of the watch can be seen through the dial. Some movements can be seen through the dial, and the rest can be enjoyed through the sapphire crystal case window. I like this very much because Cle’s mysterious moment seems to have a slightly larger display window than the standard Cle model of the 1847 MC movement.

It is worth noting that although the standard Cartier Replica Watches (male) earpiece has a width of 40 mm, the Cartier mystery hour meter has a width of 41 mm. I believe that in order to accommodate larger sports, this small extra size is necessary. The box is still very thin, only 11.25 mm. Interestingly, from a material point of view, Cle’s mysterious moment will be available in 18k pink gold and 950 palladium. Similar to platinum, we really haven’t seen palladium watches so much. However, I doubt if there will be a steel version of Cle’s mysterious moment – but that would be terrible.

Please refer to the previous article on Cle for more information on how the crown system works. From a practical point of view, it is no different from most other crowns, but the whole point of the Cle series is that it has a crown that mimics the feel of a traditional clock-wound key. “Cle” means “key” in French, which is why the name is used for collection. It’s a cool part of the watch, with a real blue sapphire on the rectangular crown. I mention this because blue spinels have replaced blue sapphires in some of the cheaper Cartier Replica brands.

The off-center “mysterious” time shows a good balance of the rest of the dial, with a blue-filled Cartier-style Roman numerals. I usually don’t like asymmetric watch scales, but this is an exception that I find very interesting. Although the pink gold version of the timepiece has a more direct “rich feel”, I really like the color of the palladium model and found it to be the most visually striking of the two new mysterious time models.

Cartier didn’t waste any time enriching the Cle collection, with impressive male and female models as well as mainstream and high-end exclusive versions. In less than a year, Swiss Cartier Watches released the Cle model, from a simple time automaton to a Cle watch (female) with a flywheel flywheel. Cle de Cartier’s “mystery Hour for men” is an attractive high-end auricle-type auricle model with a lot of fashion and collection. The 18k pink gold price is $64,500 and the palladium price is $68,500.


Cartier announced the release of two classic black ADLC coatings. The Cartier Santos 100 carbon and Cartier Blue Ballon Blue De Cartier carbon watches are not the first watches made by the brand to be coated with carbon. They retain the brand’s legendary colors and also provide buyers with a blackened watch. . Although these black cases are not new, they add a more youthful, modern style to these classic watches. Cheap Cartier Replica Watches fans will appreciate the sturdiness of these models while maintaining their elegant appeal, as well as ADLC protection, as well as any “edge” brought by the black coating.

For many years, Cattier had been making ADLC watches, just like the gold version of the Santos 100 Carbon Edition, but they introduced new internal campaigns and introduced non-gold films with more affordable prices. At the time of its release, many fans were skeptical, but gradually fell in love with ADLC (amorphous diamond-like carbon) and durable properties. This is a Cartier car. You can even go to the gym wearing it without fear of being scratched. Cartier claims that ADLC is superior to PVD coatings. The increased scratch resistance and surprisingly hard surfaces are just some of its advantages, including increased impact resistance. You may not equate these elements with the typical Cartier Replica Watches, but here you can combine them with two famous styles.

Cartier Santos 100 Carbon is a “model” housed in a plated adlc steel shell with a diameter of 51.1mm x 41.3mm. In another new version, Ballon Bleu De Cartier Carbon is also housed in a 42mm wide adlc-coated steel shell. Each section has a lume-handled swordman, so when you don’t get the classic Cartier Replica blue, you get more legibility. The waterproof performance is 3 bar and the sapphire crystals are on the top. As usual, the crown also uses a special treatment of Cartier Ballon Bleu carbon, blue synthetic spinel cabochon and Cartier Santos 100) carbon, blue synthetic tip Spar.

Each watch comes with a built-in caliper 1847 MC. The automatic 1847 MC is configured with 42 hours of standby power. The Cartier Santos 100 Carbon and Ballon Bleu De Cartier Carbon represented a shift in design attitudes, while their newly added internal moves also attracted more fans. It’s hard for me to find a Fake Cartier Watches that I don’t like, at least to some extent, and each watch has its own unique characteristics, while at the same time providing some new and fresh in the Cartier series. thing.

Each piece is on an attractive black calf leather belt with steel and ADLC buckles. These bold works may attract younger people, especially considering that their prices are only a few hundred dollars more than non-adlc siblings. The Cartier Santos 100 carbon price is $7,600, while the Ballon Bleu De Cartier carbon price is $6,600.