Cartier Tank MC Watch Review

When you talk about luxury goods and watches, nothing is more symbolic than Cartier and Cartier tanks. While companies such as Rolex and Patek Philippe are known for watch lovers making watches, Cheap Cartier Replica Watches is known for the ancient aristocrats and those who want to feel a little emperor to make wearables. Cartier is a well-managed brand that, while maintaining the French feel of classic luxury, is also imaginative and traditional in a feeling that still makes people feel modern. Cartier is also the most important brand in the Richemont brand portfolio, so when they put their minds on something, they tend to be right. When it comes to the Cartier tank series, let’s take a look at the modern Cartier tank MC, the first standard production tank watch with the in-house manufactured Cartier movement.

I have made a clear decision not to include a long-term discussion of the history of tank watches, including various possible sources of names. It is unanimously agreed that Cartier Replica Watches produced the original tank watch to commemorate the military tanks of World War I, but there are some differences in whether it is the entire tank shape or just the track, and which country’s tanks have affected the design. . Despite this, Cartier has covered all the bases, the tank models are named the United States, Britain, France and tanks United States, tank Anglo, and of course the famous French tanks. A quick survey of all available tank watches on the Cartier site shows a total of 47 different current production modes.

This tank – in addition to a male model – is Cartier Tank MC. “MC” stands for “Made Cartier” and refers to the self-made caliber 1904 MC automatic movement inside the watch. Cartier first released the 1904 MC movement with Cartier Calibre a few years ago. Cartier also used different versions of the same movement and made subtle changes to their chronograph watches, which also existed in the Calibre and Tank series. The 1904 MC was designed as a solid foundation for a range of in-house manufactured Fake Cartier Watches moves – which is why you might see a lot on the “Cartier MC” watch.

One of the main differences between tank and tank MC collection watches is the display of set-top boxes. Cartier watches have no internal manufacturing and are not known for having a sapphire crystal case. Part of the appeal of having a mechanical watch is the ability to see the movement of the watch through a window behind the box. So while this is a trivial matter, for many people this is an obvious selling point. Cartier more accurately shows the movement inside the watch.

The specific motion of the Cartier Tank MC is the aperture 1904-PS MC. This automatic movement takes place at 4hz, including the time and date with the second dial. Its dial layout is more interesting than most traditional three-handed tank watches, but one might say that its layout is not so elegant. This dial features a complete Cartier-style Roman numeral hour indicator and a slim sword-shaped pointer.

Although the light color dial version of Cartier Tank MC, such as the same steel file. W5330003 has a blue steel and silver face, but this darker is almost a black dial. W5330004 has a steel hand. Although I like the deeper colors of the dial tones and the black alligator strap, I prefer the more traditional wristband dial, which is lighter and clearer than the hand. All Cartier Replica tank MC watches have a blue sapphire crystal cake in the crown.

Most rectangular watches don’t have the same size on the wrist as most round cases (unless they are really big). The Cartier Tank MC, which is 34.3 mm wide and 44 mm high (9.5 mm thick), does not look like a big watch on paper. Still, it’s as comfortable as a watch, with many classic Best Cartier Replica Watches features. Unlike other tank watches, these Cartier tank MC models have brushed sections on the lugs and richly polished (and rather thick) side sides. Cartier Tank MC may be bigger than many tank watches, but it’s still not that big.

The geometric crown is one of the iconic elements that help make Cartier tanks. Although this watch is not as bold as the Cartier Santos 100, the Cartier tank MC is more like a modern dress watch. This version of the tank MC is made of steel, but in my opinion, the Cartier tank MC is really active in the 18k rose gold version, the price is much more expensive, up to 15,000 US dollars. Having said that, if you want the Cartier tank-style ultimate watch, in the Cartier Tank MC series, you will choose 18k rose gold W5330001 with a brown alligator strap and silver dial.

Looking closely at the Cartier tank MC’s dial, you’ll find some texture and depth of light to make it look better—especially when it’s playing with the light. This black dial version has a smoother, modern feel than the very traditional silver dial-up Cartier tank MC model. Similarly, the steel hand polished on the black dial is not entirely an easy-to-read dream – you need to consider this when you think of this black dial version and the 18k rose gold case and the W5330002 brown dial. Although the latter is undoubtedly clearer, the two “Dark Dial-Up Cartier Tank MC” clips.

The Cartier Tank MC watch has a flat case, but the case is curved and the case seems to surround your wrist. Although different tank watches have many visual similarities, Cartier ensures that each watch has its own unique features. The hardest part is trying to recommend which models are best for you – but in the end, if you like a tank watch, I only recommend you try a few. In the luxury watch market, there are only a few decent square/rectangular watches, and the Tank collection is one of them. Although I personally prefer the tank watch on the bracelet.

If you want a Cartier watch that also has an in-house sport (and a slightly traditional Cartier-style dial), then you might want to check out Cartier’s English tank, its It costs only $300 and comes with a bracelet. It also has a larger, larger enclosure and a smaller traditional tank casing appearance. Although for some people, the ultimate Cartier tank design is on the belt. Speaking of belts, I like it to be both thin and thin, but I would like to see Cartier offer a locked deployment, with just a few of the tight clasps they have used for many years.

With more and more highly complex models, Cartier has been working hard to attract hardcore watch enthusiasts. In addition, the brand’s core is always a timeless watch like the Cartier tank, whether it is Cartier tank MC or similar products. Compared with those who own watches, there are more people who own the watch. They don’t think they are “watch lovers” for the simple reason that the brand is very popular. The good news is that if you are a “gatekeeper” and are eager to get one of Cartier’s expensive watches, you won’t be disappointed. The steel price of Cartier Tank MC is $7,000.

The Mystery Watch Introduced By CARTAIER ROTONDE DE CARTIER In 2018

There are still a few months from 2018, but we have heard about some new watches that will be released soon. Today, we have a mysterious watch of Cartier’s Rotonde De Cartier Replica Watches – mysterious day and night of Rotonde De Cartier, and the mysterious double tourbillon of Carton (Rotonde De Cartier) skeleton.

These mysterious watches were inspired by the mysterious clocks that Cheap Cartier Replica Watches made in the early 20th century. The reason why these clocks attract attention is because [splash warning] their hands are fixed on transparent gears driven by gears, which makes people feel that they are floating on the dial. This iconic styling has been modified by some Cartier watches, which can make you look more interesting.

The mysterious day and night of Rotonde de Cartier can be used in a 40mm 18k pink gold or white gold box. Swiss Cartier Replica Watches fans will be happy to know that it also has the brand’s iconic blue sapphire crown. Water resistance is 30m.

The dial is divided into two parts. The first part is characterized by the complexity of days, nights and nights, and shows the time in the form of 12 hours, from 6 o’clock to 6 o’clock. During the day, the sun appears on the dial and moves from left to right. You can read these times simply by observing the sun’s position within 12 hours. When the night comes, the moon will appear. It will also take a 12-hour journey from left to right. The lower part of the dial has a radiating guillotine pattern displayed in the center and a retrograde minute.

The mysterious day and night of Rotonde de Fake Cartier Watches is powered by a hand-wound 9982 MC that can be seen through the sapphire display case. It consists of 174 parts, beats at 4Hz and has an energy reserve of at least 48 hours.

The second watch, Rotonde de Cartier skeleton mysterious double tourbillon based on the Rotonde mysterious double tourbillon watch at the 2013 SIHH debut. The case size is 45 mm wide and can only be used in platinum. For those who want a little more jewels, there are two other versions, one with a diamond-lined frame and the other with a diamond-encrusted diamond shell and exercise.

Skeletonization is an art that has been misunderstood. I think many people do not realize how difficult it is to extract material from the movement and maintain the correct aesthetic and structural integrity. In the skeleton of Rotonde de Best Cartier Replica Watches, there is a mysterious double-dragon. The bridge under the bridge is skillfully portrayed as a Roman numeral. In addition, the skeletonization of this movement further strengthened the action of the double flywheel.

Here, the double-flying tourbillon rotates every 60 seconds and rotates around the mysterious knob. Therefore, it can also be used as an indicator of seconds. When it does this, it will spin once every five minutes. The time and minutes were read from the hands of two blue steel swords on top of Tupilon.

The Rotonde de Cartier skeleton The mysterious double tourbillon is powered by the caliber 9465 MC. It consists of 286 components and is shot at 3Hz and has at least 52 hours of energy storage. This also marks Geneve’s certification, which means that the sport must meet strict standards regarding its finishing and materials. In short, I hope this exercise can be completed skillfully.

Early next year we hope to see more of these two watches. The mysterious day and night watch of Rotonde de Cartier sells for 63,000 U.S. dollars. The mysterious double tourbillon watch of the skeleton of Rotonde de Cartier was priced at $216,000. If you want a border with diamonds, then its price is 324,000 US dollars (about 2.48 million yuan), there is a paved diamond box and a sport, the price is 530,000 US dollars. Every variant of the Rotonde de Cartier skeleton, the mysterious double tourbillon watch is limited to 30 pieces.