CNN Launches “Ones To Watch” Program Sponsored By Cartier

On October 10, 2014, CNN will launch a new TV show called “Look” that will be entirely owned by French watch and jewelry manufacturer Cheap Cartier Replica Watches. Like most mainstream media, Turner-owned CNN has been trying new ways of advertising content-derived revenue with advertisers. In fact, the entire program sponsorship and surrounding media is not new. Years ago, in the past, TV shows had a major sponsor. The watch will show monthly attention to discovering artists and their works from around the world.

Cartier under the Swiss Richemont Group is undoubtedly the most important source of income, including some of the major high-end watches and jewelry brands in its portfolio including IWC, Montblanc, Panerai, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and more. Cartier has always praised the more avant-garde approach in modern media, compared to many colleagues in the luxury industry. Best Cartier Replica Watches not only accepts online sales of many products, but it also has serious resources dedicated to exclusive digital advertising and marketing campaigns. In the luxury goods industry, it has been proven time and time again that it needs money to make money, so it is interesting how Cartier continues to develop, digital marketing and advertising strategies.

Initially, Cartier will focus on its latest release of “Shaping Your Time” marketing campaign to attract men – the population of Cartier Replica is currently keen to attract. This is actually quite interesting, and many of the Richemont brands are mainly focused on women in 2015. CNN is approaching Cartier’s sponsorship opportunities and they feel suitable for the brand. For a while, CNN has been praising the media content of their lifestyles such as news-telling (there is a dedicated website at CNN).

Although we have not seen the new look at the program, it is likely to be severely functional before and during the Cartier Messaging program. I suspect that on TV, there will be other advertisers in the commercial offer. According to CNN, the program will be watched on CNN International Channel, but it may also be available online and on CNN channels. Fake Cartier Watches and CNN (I believe) historical cooperation media and advertisers.

Consumers are accustomed to traditional programming sponsorship and advertising. I suspect that I will be surrounded by Cartier ads, but the Cartier series itself will not work. CNN has announced that Cartier ads will include TV commercials and digital media. Large brands such as Cartier Replica Watches can invest in such media, but it does raise the standard for small brands that want to compete in today’s global marketplace, with limited appeal in traditional advertising print publications. Digital media offers a more diverse and complex set of value propositions, and only a few brands, such as Cartier, can work with major advertising companies to promote such relationships.

What does this mean for consumers? Cartier has a very important part of watching TV shows with globally renowned brands, but shaping your time sports and relationships, trying to stay culturally relevant, in the face of more and more mobile phone consumers, facing Many watch purchase options. Cartier should also realize that at the end of the day, advertising is about consciousness, but their products need to defend themselves. Only any brand that has passed the attractive quality of watches and jewellery hopes to fully benefit from such major international media campaigns.