Cartier Tank Cintree Skeleton

Since the introduction of the Cartier Tank Replica Watches in 1917, there has been a variety of changes and sub-changes, but surprisingly, almost none of the variants have used the skeleton, or have been openworked and exercised. Cartier has certainly sold a large number of open work pockets and wristwatches over the years, but it wasn’t until 2004 when the Louis Cartier Noctambule (part of the collection of the Privee Cartier collection in Paris) was launched. There was an open working tank. This was followed by the tank MC skeleton, and in 2013, the Tank LC sapphire skeleton was widely praised in 2014 and was generally considered a very successful outing (this was the year that joined the iconic crash of a major illness version, again Dear critics of course, this model is not a tank). To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the tank, we have introduced some new models. We have the first, skeletonized version of the tank Cintree, an early tank that was sold for the first time in 1921 by Cartier.

Tank Cintree has appeared in several different variations over the years, but its very significantly prolonged condition (“Cintree” refers to bending, or bending) has never been a once pervading caliber, probably because of a pleasant In effect, you do need a rectangular motion to fit this situation, and previous curvature. In earlier models, you may find a circular movement or a standard rectangle or tonneau movement extracted from an existing inventory of a mobile supplier; this extreme form of movement cannot be a standard for any sports supplier Part of the catalog, and it is expensive for a single watch – perhaps prohibitive. However, the new tank Cintree skeleton has a movement designed specifically for the purpose, and the result is more satisfactory than the provided caliber.

In the original version of Cintree in the 1920s, several different movement diameters were used, which corresponded to 7, 8 and 9 ligne movements for relatively long or short models (in the longest case dimension) ( The ligne is the traditional unit of measurement; 1 ligne is equal to 2.2558mm, this unit is still alive in modern watchmaking, as well as all things, buttons and productions.The old-fashioned Cintree model has a very unique minute track.

The minute track is basically a modified rectangle. As you can see, the movement created for Openwork’s Cintree-caliber 9917 MC uses the minute track as the structural basis for hand-wrap motion.

In general, Best Cartier Replica Watches does a good job of customizing open work movements (this is one of the purest attractive watches I have ever seen), while in the Cintree skeleton, the arrangement of components is reasonable and beautiful. of. Everything is fixed by a one-minute track-shaped bridge (which can be seen from the rear); remember, for the watch manufacturer, the parts that are visible through the back are the top) and the lower plate, which It is also the dial. The main spring tube is the main upper element. The movement and the hand are in the center and the balance is kept at 6 o’clock. This is the same inner structure that you can see in such movements as Corum Golden Bridge and JLC Calibre 101; the integration of the dial elements with the movement structure is a trademark of Cartier’s open work modern watches (eg, In the tank MC skeleton, the shape of the dial on the dial side is four Roman numerals in 12, 3, 6 and 9 positions.

This watch is the longest, its size is 46.30 mm x 23 mm x 7.96 mm, but due to the curved shell and movement, this watch is quite durable. As we mentioned in our initial report, there will be three versions of the Cintree skeleton – the pink gold model you see here; the platinum model; and a platinum diamond model (100 pink gold and platinum Table, and 25 diamond mosaic models). The price of the pink gold version is $61,000, which is quite expensive but more or less priced Cheap Cartier Relica, more exclusive empty tank (sapphire skeleton) Although many factors to set a final price, this may be a reasonable expectation Premium single-model sports will only be used in 250-year watches.

It can be seen that despite the lug-tip-to-lug-tip distance of 46.30 millimeters, it makes a very elegant introduction to the wrist and you wear the added benefit of only one of four tanks, once in the past 100 years (It seems a bit strange that this is the case of Cartier but we confirm). With this guy, opencrash, and the tank sapphire skeleton, all of which are in your watch’s rotation, this will be a very interesting thing, of course, it’s expensive, but it’s fun.

For more information visit Cartier online.

Earlier versions of this story incorrectly pointed out that the first skeletonized tank was the Tank MC skeleton. Cartier Replica collector and expert George Cramer nicely shared the first fact with us by email: the 2004 Louis Cartier Noctambule tank. This story has been updated. In the test.


Among the many new albums released by Cartier in 2011, there is an ultra-thin version of the popular Cartier Ballon Bleu Replica Watches. I don’t know why Ballon Bleu is so popular. As a woman’s watch, I fully understand it. It has an elegant, lively beauty and some beautiful round curves. I mean the name of the word “balloon” – at least I think it means “balloon.” I may be wrong. I don’t know. Whatever the true translation, the collection of watches will always be my “blue balloon” – now it is a bit discouraged.

In 2011, thin watches were hot. There are many reasons, but the cost is one of them. Brands can charge the watch the same amount of money with less precious metals, and they can claim that you are paying for the complexity of miniaturization. This argument may make sense, but several generations are concerned about the thin table. I don’t mind thin appearances unless they are wide enough. Anything below 40mm will not see time on my wrist. If I can help, I prefer at least 42mm and wider. Fortunately, Best Cheapest Cartier Replica Watches made the thin plate of this ball 46 mm wide.

Cartier called this watch an “ultra-flat” balloon. There are at least a dozen ways you can find brand watches. Some people just use the name “flat” or “thin” and sometimes use the word “slim.” These brands are sometimes excited about the nature of these timepieces and feel that they need to add some adjectives to help you achieve the same state of mind. This is why you will see labels like “ultra thin” and “hyperplane”. Can someone in Switzerland come up with a “slimming” guide to help these brands get out of their predicament? What do you think about thinness? What is the line of thought? You don’t see the word “extra-thick”. Instead, they use the word “extra large” (I have already mentioned that 6,000 times is a stupid word I hate). These tags are meaningless, but it’s interesting to say. As you can see, the extra flat ball is very thin on the wrist. Fake Cartier Watches Sale did not even announce the thickness of the case. I didn’t think of measuring it when I was checking it, but now I can’t tell you what to measure. So how flat is this watch? Extra flat.

To be fair, the actual thickness of a thin watch is not important unless you want to claim that you own the world’s thinnest watch, like a Piaget watch. What’s important is how they look and feel on their wrists. Cartier does not beat any records in the game, but it does want to provide a very thin version of the bestseller and it looks really pretty. Now, thin seems to be a popular practice, and brands are experimenting, if there is no such trend, where they may be. The thin shell of this ball is wide and flat, which is very good. I prefer their size, not the curve. The lug curve makes the watch more suitable for your wrist.

With both hands and Cartier’s Roman numerals, the engraver’s dial looks smooth and still easy to read. Whether you like its style or not, it is a matter of taste, but it is a very attractive face in the design of things. There is also a blue dial version of Swiss Cartier Ballon Bleu – this is a special platinum shell model. In addition to the 18k white and rose gold models, there are more traditional Cartier dials. The covered crown is inlaid with a sapphire.

Cartier did not mention that the movement of the watch was in the hyperplane of Barron. However, a quick review of this case will reveal the word “mecanique”. For me, the watch has mechanical movements, in this case artificial wounds. Very strange, they did not publish more articles on this point. Most versions of this tablet watch are brown crocodile leather straps, but these people get a blue platinum version, will get a blue crocodile leather strap. Prices for this Cartier Ballon Bleu Replica apartment are priced at $20,300 to $2.18 million and platinum at $32,550.