Cartier Announces The Rotoned De Cartier Skeleton Mysterious Hour Replica Watch

Rotonde de Cartier Skeleton Mysterious Hour Watch

It excels because it is even more mysterious than its predecessor. Cartier managed to bring two of the Maison’s grail watches, the ‘Rotonde Mysterieuse’ and the skeleton caliber of f.i. the ‘Santos Dumont Skeleton’ together in the same Cheapest Cartier Watches.

For this new timepiece, Cartier developed the new caliber 9983MC hand-wound movement. The mechanism relies on an ingenious concept that Cartier has successfully transposed to the wrist. The Santos 100 Mysterieuse was the first example using this technique. The hands are not directly linked to the movement, but are joined by two sapphire discs fitted with teeth around their circumference. These discs are activated by the movement and turn the hands. With the calibre 9983MC, Fake Cartier Watches Sale decided to reveal the gear train of the mysterious movement, that is usually hidden beneath the dial.

This transparency exposes even the smallest details of the movement’s architecture, but reveals nothing of the mysterious mechanism’s magic. Again, Cartier choose for the Rotonde de Cartier Replica Watches Swiss Movement case to launch this complication. A very understandable decision that was based on its balanced proportions and pure dimensions. The round case provides an ideal setting for the original combination of these two signatures.The Mystery clocks and watches have always been the most amazing timepieces in Cartier’s collection and actually since 1912 already.

Timepieces with a mysterious display were often seen as a fragile construction. Therefore, the calibers 9981MC and 9983MC passed all the usual and heavy tests successfully, including the drop-test on a hard surface. All Cartier Replica go through these really tough and extensive testing stages and the Mystery watches are no exception!