Cartier’s Santos Dumont Replica – Stripped To The Bone!

But also when talking watches, skeletons can often be very attractive, especially when they’re stripped down to the bare minimum. The quite busy looking classic skeleton watches that we know since years never really held my attention for longer periods. In a way they’re often too busy for me and I find it hard to read the time, something I still find essential in a Cheap Cartier Replica.

When the Santos 100 Skeleton was released in 2009, Cartier introduced a whole new type of skeleton watch. Now you may wonder, what can be that new? Well, ‘La Maison’ did it the ‘Cartier way’, by designing a whole new caliber completely from scratch; the 9611 MC.

‘Cut out’ numerals are very Cartier Replica Watches Swiss Movement and….already since decades. The brand played already with this concept in the 1940’s with their Rond Skeleton models, where the space between the hour markers was taken away what gave a same kind of see through effect.

The bold Santos 100 with its extra large case looked very impressive when it was launched, because of its unique style, its robust dimensions and of course because of the fact that it was the first skeleton that was designed this way. But Cartier Mens Watches For Sale outdid themselves in 2011, when ‘La Maison’ launched the Santos Dumont Skeleton in white gold.

On the wrist the watch behaves like a very comfortable timepiece that shows the time very clearly in a glimpse when the watch peeps from under the cuff. This is thanks to the gorgeous blued hands, that offer a bold contrast above the see-through three dimensional numerals. Without any doubt this is the most gorgeous and eye-catching Fake Cartier Watches Sale that La Maison ever created. It is still discrete enough to wear during business meetings, since the concept of the skeleton dial is not loud. The watch more or less breaths architecture when the light plays thru the openings between the numerals.

For collectors it is interesting to realize that this very new and modern looking ‘Fine Watch Making’ piece has a lot more Cartier DNA than one might think at a first encounter. And that’s exactly the strength of Cartier and what keeps their vintage and current collections so well together!

Live Images from Cheap Cartier Replica

On the first day of SIHH, we visited Cheap Cartier Replica and were given the opportunity to get some quick and dirty live shots of new models including Astrocalendaire, Earth and Moon Tourbillon, nighttime and new Caliber de Cartier divers. This article also includes links to WatchTime’s early posts on these models, including images provided by Cartier.

Rotonde de Cartier Replica Astrocalendaire Calendar Tourbillon is the most attractive new product. Calendar information is arranged in three concentric circles, each at their own level. The innermost circle represents the day, the middle of the month represents the outer circle, and the date represents the outer circle. Small windows move through these displays to indicate the current month, date, and date. Tourbillon resides in the center of these displays. The hand on the back of the watch shows a leap year. The movement replaces the Cartier Replica Watches spring and lever gear normally found in perpetual motion, eliminating the risk of breakage and allowing all displays to be set through the crown. You can read more and see the full specs here.

Rotonde de Replica Watches UK Cartier The Earth and the Moon show the so-called “secret” moon display in Cartier. The 6 o’clock circular tourbillon represents the moon disk. Just click the button, a blue disc can cover the tourbillon needed to represent the current moon phase. The 12 o’clock display shows two time zones. See more images and specifications here.