Can I Take Dive Replica Watch Into The Shower?

I was wondering if wearing a dive replica watch in the shower would be any different to wearing it for swimming/diving? A quick google gives me contrasting experiences of people, some claiming the heat/pressure from showering could harm the seals and eventually cause the replica watch to leak. Is this true?
Some of us have routinely done so for years. We believe that if a replica watch is rated at 100m or better rated we don’t worry about it. Figure that gaskets should be replaced every 5 years or so, more often if you dive with it. I don’t think the heat should be an issue for most decent dive watches. I cannot, however, speak to any effects from body soaps or shampoos on coatings, etc. Why are you showering with a replica watch anyway? Do you think it is cool or are you in that much of a rush?
I had a swatch replica watches that I used in college, used it everywhere, swimming, showers and all. Had it for more than 10 years and the part that got affected due to all those water is the crown. It got worn out so bad that there is no more crown left. I could have replaced the crown by the strap connection was becoming brittle too. What do you expect from a plastic replica watch! But then again, more than 10 years for a plastic replica watch that is not even rated for swimming is very impressive. I do not think Casio Quartz (not the diving watches or G-Shock models) would last as long.
Going back to the question, I would answer yes, you can wear it in the shower, even the steam or hot shower would not that bad for the divers replica watch. But you still have to have it maintained. Salt water and chlorinated water is different from soapy chemical hot shower water. Normal maintenance of the replica watch, with the O-rings or whatever sealing mechanism is used by the replica watch would help it last longer. You may even help this forum by sharing what you learned about the rubber seals, if they get worn out quicker.
Also depending on the replica watch‘s finish, the coatings can get blistered and lift out, this would be for cheap PVD or very thin plating finish. But most expensive dive watches have very good PVD coating and thick plating or filling if not the real deal – like gold and platinum, which would not really be hurt by bath soaps.
I personally prefer a rugged dive replica watch for the sole purpose of never having to take it off. It has nothing to do with being cool; it’s merely practical. It takes less time and fewer steps. You are also less likely to forget, or even lose your replica watch. Besides, how else are you supposed to know how much time you have in the shower before being late to work? Why do you find this so unusual? Why else would anyone buy/wear a dive replica watch? It’s not like the vast majority of us frequently dive with them.