Cartier Rotonde De Cartier Astrotourbillon Skeleton Watch Hands

At the 2015 SIHH Watch and Jewelry Trade Show, one of the main themes of Cartier watches was bone. In fact, in the past few years, Cheap Cartier Replica Watches has been showing more and more elaborate versions of their homemade watches, which are leading the way in their watch products. In 2015, we got another interesting skeletal evolution of the existing product – Cartier’s Rotonde de Cartier Astrotourbillon skeleton.

As early as 2010, Cartier Replica Watches launched the Rotonde Astrotourbillon watch for the first time, and aBlogtoWatch first introduced the watch. It was Cartier’s time when it began to truly demonstrate its credibility as an internal watchmaker trying to attract high-end collectors. Most of them think of the company’s jewelry manufacturers, men’s and women’s watches, with excellent design status but simple movement. Cartier hopes to provide the best mainstream luxury watch products for men and women, and to offer “high-end watch”-level products to more serious fans.

Most people think that Fake Cartier Watches has done this more or less successfully. Today in 2015, Cartier has attracted the attention of many watch lovers, even though their mainstream is still a simpler luxury watch product. At the very least, they have impressed high-end mechanical watch enthusiasts with a series of designs and complex designs, showing a lot of real innovation and creativity.

Cartier’s astronomical tourbillon is like this – a new whimsical complication that provides a star viewing experience. What is the astronomical tourbillon? It is essentially a balance wheel mounted on the second hand. It is not a true tourbillon because the balance wheel does not rotate in the cage on its own shaft. Having said that, the balance wheel’s circular motion is at least… I mean, let’s face it, the tourbillon is just a movement that adds complexity and artistry. You should dispel any thoughts that are more precise about the manufacture of your watch. Therefore, when a company decides to change the way the tourbillon works and operates, there is no loss of function. They just provide a way to replace what people know, understand, and may be a little tired of at this point. Complexity.

In 2011, Best Cartier Replica Watches put the same action into a caliber chassis based on the original Rotonde Astrotourbillon. aBlogtoWatch first launched the Cartier Astronomical Tourbillon. Because I prefer Calibre, not Rotonde, because I prefer sports watches, so I think this is a very powerful product, I am very happy to see Cartier expand the concept of Astrotourbillon to more watches. Having said that, I have not seen Cartier’s Astoron in the wild, and I look forward to seeing it soon, because I am happy to see Asto Billon’s second hand in action.

Another year later, in 2012, Cartier released a very interesting limited edition Cartier astronomical tourbillon and the carbon crystal of the Cartier astronomical tourbillon. This has witnessed the implementation of some unique materials, from Cartier’s ID project to Astrotourbillon. In addition, this is the first time Cartier Replica has performed a bone experiment on a watch based on an astronomical tourbillon. The Rotonde Astrotourbillon carbon crystal is an amazing watch that led to the 2015 Cartier Rotonde de Cartier Astrotourbillon skeleton we saw here.

One of the biggest problems with fully skeletonized watches is that some people really don’t like to see their wrists through the dial. The idea of ​​making a 骷髅 watch is to completely “cut off” the unnecessary metal, leaving only the necessary parts. I don’t think “panorama” is a bad thing, although I don’t always want to stare at the furry wrist while admiring the beauty of hand-carving.

The movement of the Cartier Rotonde De Cartier Astrotourbillon skeleton is very simple, showing how simple this complex look is. Cartier offers a very modern skeleton and sports decoration that focuses on the contrast between the brushed surface and the polished beveled edge. Even the 12-hour and 6-hour indicators are engraved from the things that keep moving.

The Cartier Rotonde De Cartier Astrotourbillon’s skeleton is a self-made caliber 9461 MC manual wound movement consisting of 233 parts operating at 3 Hz (21,600 bph). It has a 49-hour power reserve – and realizes that Astrotourbillon requires a lot of power in consideration of its weight. The watch itself is definitely bigger, 47 mm wide, 18k pure gold and 15.8 mm thick.

The cool “Tuxedo” tones of this watch add to its mystery, and I think the white gold looks better than the rose gold. Watching the movements of the action and seeing the balance wheel moving constantly in the second hand is a real pleasure and highlight Cartier finished here. Once again, one such watch should offer all of these, at a given price.

Cartier Rotonde De Cartier Astrotourbillon Cartier Rotonde De De Cartier Astrotourbillon’s skeleton size is “bold and sporty”, but its design shows “elegant and elegant”. Together they have created a collection of watches with a unique personality, but given the scarcity of these watches and their inherent exclusivity, this is nothing. While many people don’t consider getting a more basic high-end watch collector from Cartier, it still takes a lot of time before making a decision on such a high-end model—especially because it is still new to Cartier and, frankly, a lot of competition ( Even Cartier certainly stands out easily and has its own).

Cartier Rotonde De Cartier The skeleton of the Astrotourbillon is a black alligator strap that combines Cartier’s French luxury wearing experience with the exquisite Swiss mechanical movement. For those who have economic strength and discernment, this skeletal version of the East Wheel is not a bad choice. The price is $186,000.

Cartier Santos 100 Watch Review

In my years of studying Cartier Replica Watches, I mainly chose round watches. In fact, most people who buy watches choose a round case. The reason I say this is because reviewing the Cartier Santos 100 watch is a bit left to me. Still, I am very happy to make this decision because it is a watch, and once you wear it, it will create a huge watch appeal.

Some of the most iconic watches nearby have non-circular cases, but these watches are really rare. How many real “signature” square or rectangular watches are there? In fact, there are only a few… and for whatever reason, most are made by Cartier Replica (except Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso and Bell & Ross BR01) )produced. Cartier’s tank range of watches is a wide variety of rectangular, but its only true square watch is the Santos family, including the Santos-dumont series, and the Cartier Santos 100 series, such as the one I want to review today.

One of the reasons why a square watch does not work on the wrist is the inherent contradiction between the more natural curve on the watch and the mathematical angle of the square watch. Putting these things together, you usually get a discordant result. It is important to consider this because it means that a square or rectangular watch that is worn on the wrist may not look so good. In the “watch test”, the round watch performed much better.

However, the above trend is not a rule, the correct square or rectangular watch looks great. Cartier Santos’s collection is one of them, and the reason it works on the wrist is hard to explain. Like many aesthetic works, the brain doesn’t always interpret what the eye sees. It took me several days to look at the Cartier Santos 100 watch on my wrist and try to think “Why is this square watch easy to use, but not others?”

The “giant” appearance of the Cartier Santos 100 is unreliable because it (without a crown) is only 38 mm wide. At the top, the steel shell is 41.3 mm wide, 51.1 m high and 10.34 mm thick. This means that the Cartier Santos 100 can be used on a variety of wrists, regardless of size, and its appearance is also very bold, which is what many watch lovers are looking for. If you remember, in 2012, we made a brief review of another model in this series, Cartier Santos 100 and adlc coated black case. Really, the only difference is the color and the coating material, but this more traditional look has a very different visual personality.

The basic Cartier Santos 100 reference W20073X8 model is an all-steel black strap, and this reference W20072X7 model is a brown crocodile strap with an 18k yellow gold bezel. This is also my favorite. The border is the most unique element of the Santos 100 series, you can’t see it in Santos Dumont. Cheap Cartier Replica Watches certainly produces other smaller Santos models in the past “in” square borders, a look that has been carried out to so many brands of jewelry collections and other very popular love bangle-style bracelets seem to screw around… this is actually with screws Fixed to the wrist.

This “industrial look” with exposed screws marks many men’s watches, dating back to Cartier’s first watch for men. It is said that in 1904, Louis Cartier’s friend Alberto Santos-Dumont asked him to design a watch that he could wear while driving. This is just one year after the Wright brothers successfully completed their groundbreaking “first power flight” in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in 1903. Santos-Dumont, born in Brazil, has also lived in Europe for a long time and is one of the few aviation pioneers in the world to test early aircraft. Compared with today, the flight process at that time was more personal and dangerous. Needless to say, it always needs two hands, and looking at a pocket watch is really not an option. Therefore, like the early diver’s watches, early aviation watches are also needed because the pilots need to operate with both hands when operating the aircraft.

This square watch has been around for a long time, and today it continues its tradition of timepieces. And the exposed screws should theoretically “engineer,” they have become style and decorative elements, I agree to help the overall composition look more masculine, and help remind you that it is indeed a machine wrist, not a pure style or identity symbol of.

Going back to the appeal of the Cartier Santos 100 case, when you put it on, you will realize how curved it is. The thick lugs gracefully arch down to create a shape that allows the case to sit comfortably on the wrist, but adds some necessary curvature to make Cartier Santos 100’s “organic” look with your wrists Harmony combined. In addition, even if the outer casing is square, almost everything has rounded corners, from the outer casing itself to the bezel. Sharp angles exist, but they are less than curves and more deliberate. In fact, the genius of this design is that it creates a very rounded square case with most of the real angles on the dial.

Cartier also has a brushed Cartier Santos 100 case (well, I might add it), with a charming, polished, sloping edge on the side that looks great. The gold border is polished, and I appreciate the contrast between yellow and rose gold. The most angled angle you can find on the box is the geometric seven-sided crown, which has a huge blue spinel crystal Kaboxiong (Cartier used sapphire in the past, but now prefers spinel because it is easier to industrialize, And the appearance is the same). Fake Cartier Watches is very good at making seemingly simple cases that are better due to the fine visual refinement and the combination of details. This is the culmination of a refined European luxury watch design because of its subtle nuances and timeless appeal.

Also pay attention to the simplicity and beauty of the trademark Cartier dial. Fully symmetrical, only time (no date), the light silver dial is a miniature of the Best Cartier Replica Watches black Roman numeral time stamp and sword style lumed hand. Such a dial is very useful on Cartier’s tank watches, but it looks square on a square case, which I think looks the best. Yes, the dial is simple, but it is easy to identify and elegant. When you really want to celebrate conservatism that is both effective and not boring, you can choose Cartier Santos 100.

Yes, in essence, Cartier Santos 100 is a simple timepiece with no gimmicks. Experienced watch enthusiasts may yawn for lack of technical stimuli, but this is not the whole of Cartier Santos 100. This watch is one of Cartier’s “Everyone” (who can afford it) watch, which makes up for its lack of special movements or features, and its sturdy appearance. Oh, with 100 meters of water resistance, you can also classify your watch as a “real sports watch.”

I hope that Cartier will choose an in-house watch in the future. I think it will add value to many collectors because it is not an entry-level price watch. At present, Cartier Santos 100 has a basic Swiss ETA 2892 automatic movement, doing reliable work and telling time decently.

Cartier uses a seamless strap connection system, which means there is no gap between the case and the strap, which is good. Comfortable belts have hard-to-see stitching (I prefer) and butterfly-style unfolding buckles. The snap ring itself looks cool and its design intent is reminiscent of the appearance of the frame, its steel and 18k yellow gold structure and two visible screws. In addition, the snap ring is well finished with the case, with extra details such as angled bevels. As I often do, I will mention that although the adjustment system allows you to carefully select the length of each side of the strap, allowing for a very precise fit, it does not allow you to adjust the strap size often. So the initial size is a bit painful, but once you’ve set the strap, it looks beautiful on the wrist.

On the wrist, Cartier Santos 100 sells its own watch. Overall, it is a beautiful and easy to carry watch. If I have more bad words, I will. But for its part, this is a great watch, although I think it is expensive. It won’t be the most complicated watch in your collection, but it’s not an attractive place. People like the Cartier Santos 100 watch because of its classic design and versatile wearing appeal. It has successfully become a classic, both well-crafted and unique enough to play a unique role in your watch collection. The reference price for the W20072X7 Cartier Santos 100 is $9,650. For the record, only steel watches cost $7,000.