The Art of The Dial: Exploring Cheap Cartier Replica Watches

In the Cheap Cartier Replica, Switzerland, Cartier produces handmade dials for watches. Cartier is one of the first groups to visit the facility. In this feature of the Cartier file, we provide an internal look.

A farm, until recently – hundreds of years ago, Cartier’s huge, ultra-modern glass wall watch factory in the area next to La Chaux-de-Fonds. On this day, this was built in 1872 the Berne four-story farmhouse was established. A few years ago, Cartier acquired the area and farmhouse. Now, the house has become the center of a craftsman used to produce Cartier Replica, especially the dial.

Known as Maison desMĂ©tiersd’Art, which was opened three years later in the fall of the farmhouse. It has 28 artisans working on two floors, which is an unusual open space program designed to encourage the Cartier Replica Watches exchange of information among craftsmen. The second floor is jewelry crafts. The third floor is enamel crafts, a traditional craft for dial production; and newer, more exotic, such as mosaic and stone mosaic. The first floor has a meeting room; on the fourth floor of the sloping roof is a mezzanine for meetings and exhibitions.

Cheap Replica Watches cozy atmosphere aroused a honeycomb, Cartier said: “Concentrated energetic, exchange traditional techniques and develop concrete tools. This is forgotten professional knowledge was rediscovered, artisans tried to understand their secrets and further development. “The new workshop is part of a growing trend, emphasizing the fine watchmaking side, using traditional and unusual craftsmanship to create products combined with high art and high clocks.