The Cartier Hypnose

This year at SIHH, we saw many versions of Cheap Cartier Replica Watches. The pursuit of men is a big news, but a new version you may not yet see is Cartier Hypnosis. This series is the latest product of the Cartier Women’s Collection. Although the elliptical shape is not new to Cartier, they have successfully reshaped it in a novel and modern way.

First, introduce the background and shape of hypnosis. Although this is a “new” watch, it is by no means a new design for Cartier Replica Watches. The elliptical design was originally created by Luis Cartier in 1912, and the oval watch was later put into production in 1956. The design is identified by its balanced oval shape and the spherical nature of the frame. Originally using a bracelet (especially an oval-linked version) or a belt, this is the ideal ladies watch, Caliber 495 movement by Jaeger-LeCoultre, which is back-wound to conceal the crown and keep the design (things of hypnosis practice, however quartz movement) . This watch later evolved into an improved version with an elongated shape and was called “Baignoire (bath)” in 1973.

Cartier Replica is a traditional company with a classic design, so it is not surprising that they brought the design of Baignoire back to the “high nose”. The main difference between these two watches is that it is a flat oval box with diamonds on it. This case further emphasizes an outer ellipse element with a diamond-set diamond, which is the framework of the internal situation. Concentric hallucinations are reminiscent of the hypnotic circulatory effects you might see in films such as Vertigo.

There are three versions of the watch: fine jewellery (all diamonds); a dial with black lacquer and diamond-inlaid borders; and a paved frame with a silver dial and distinctive Roman numerals. All three versions have white and pink gold, and are small (measured 30mm x 26.2mm) and medium (measured 38mm x 33mm). It should be noted that the paved diamond dial has black lacquer in the two elliptical crevices, which further emphasizes the illusion of “hypnosis”.

Unlike the earlier Best Cartier Replica Watches oval watch, which uses quartz movement, there is no crown. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – watch brands no longer use smaller mechanical movements like women’s watches 60 years ago. This is a shame (the oval watch of 1956) “LeCoultre Caliber 495”). It will add some real timepiece depth to the watch and combine the past with the present in a more meaningful way.

Overall, Hypnosis is an elegant supplement in the Fake Cartier Watches collection. Despite having a quartz movement, the historical design reference of the watch and the simple lines make this a beautiful watch for women. I hope that Cartier can create a “low-level” feeling without diamonds, because it will be the iconic era of the Cartier oval watch in the 1950s and 1960s. The ultimate return.

However, it is worth noting that for quartz watches, the price is very high, starting from 25,800 US dollars, you can buy a small version with diamonds. Recently I noticed that ladies’ watches were getting more and more expensive. You can see when you have more complex “man” watches, such as Lange Moon-Phase, and other less complicated female watches I wrote here. Maybe next time we discuss it – but the price increase for female quartz watches is worth noting.

Prices are as follows:

High Jewellery Small $156,000 – $156,000 High Jewellery Medium Diamond Shop Small, Pink Gold, $44,800 Diamond Shop Pan, Platinum Diamond Shop Medium – $479,000, Pink Diamond Shop Gold – $56,000 , platinum diamond shop frame small – 60,000 US dollars, pink diamond gold – 25,800 US dollars for the border is small, white gold diamond shop in the border – 27,600 US dollars, pink diamond gold – 38,100 US dollars in the shop frame, platinum – 40,800 US dollars.